on the quest for joy

 Started my day with so much joy.. with all the odds against me today I realized that it’s really up to me if I truly want to be happy and sometimes it may be a hard decision or it may be easy one but it’s a decision that I have to make. I honestly can say I truly feel the saying “can’t nobody make you happy but you” I heard it all the time but didn’t pay much attention to it I probably was already walking in it but I guess this corlates to walking without a purpose ... if a relationship ends it’s up to you to gain your joy back. You have to find out what truly makes you happy and brings you joy, it may be a little journey to get there but you have to fight for you and have faith in the unknown circumstances... the joy I found today was a lil journey but when I reached it I felt limitless (lol idk how long that feeling will last) but it pushes me to continue looking for my joy and going outside my comfort zone to see myself happy and also doing it myself.. once I started this track I was able to realize that I could develop a defense for things that don’t make me happy.. I’m saying this all from experience honestly as I’m typing this I’m right now in the present of this..idk who the Lord is turning me into but IM LOVING IT!! do this with me and share with me what joy meant to you and how you reached it.


Andrea Renee